Day 42 - 44 of 366: Hometown

1:40:00 AM

Lemery is where my heart is! :)

The world's BEST tasting banana is found in the Philippines = Lacatan / Lakatan
^ Bought in Lemery Public Market (NEW!) at P45/kg

I wonder if you guys do eat Latundan / silk bananas? :)
Which do you prefer?

It was my first time to use the "iPhone Maps" in the province...
It was amazingly useful for we were guided accordingly until we've reached Taal (market) coming from a farm around that time!

We never miss to buy Tapang Taal and Longganisa (garlic), whenever we visit my family.
We've tried Ambet & Perry - first stall in the meat section; they sell Tapa at P220/kg while P250 for the Longganisa. Nothing to blog about for it tasted like De Leon's, both delicious... 

Then there's the occassional Monday breakfast with my favorite FRIED "Sinaing na Tulingan" (Skipjack Tuna) - particularly famous in Batangas :)

Thanks for the visit,
Our Eat Dates & more!

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