Day 37 of 366: Mondays - love or hate?

5:17:00 PM

For a typical (working) mommy of 2, Monday is the least favorite or most hated. We always aim to enjoy the weekend together as a family: church, lunch out, malling, grocery and visit to family (some times) - like what happened over the weekend. 

Had a little shopping last Saturday, went to QC and slept around 3:00am... Prepared to attend the morning service, joined family (my side) and had lunch in Causeway then TriNoma.

Hubby didn't bring the stroller so I was carrying my daughter the whole day. :( Ouch!

Got home around 10:00pm and never had the chance to fix my things for the next day!

Monday came... no chance for breakfast for I only have less than an hour to get ready... I texted the Boss that will be late for a few minutes! Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for all the loot; grabbed this as I stepped out of the house -

My favorite choco these days...

Thanks for the visit,

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