Day 28 of 366: MMC

12:12:00 AM

We went to Makati Medical Center over the weekend to see a Dermatologist and Endocrinologist. Waited for more than an hour and became so enraged to see kids play with the instant hand sanitizers. I got so affected for whatever reason I don't know but as a parent, I/we would normally let our kids stop (make "saway") if you think he/she's not doing the right thing, out of curiosity. Children are children... Imagine this (maybe about) 10-11 year-old girl (with a little sister) who placed her palm to the sensor, got the right amount of fluids, repeated it then striked both palms in front of us, while her mom just looked with fixed eyes?! What the F?

The hospital, I hope you can maintain the sanitizers on clinic floors. If I may suggest, move it a little higher... LOL
Thanks for the visit,

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