Day 26 of 366: iPhone 4S

11:30:00 PM

Yes! We (finally) got hubby's unit a week ago... He initially communicated to have the white color but waiting for 5 weeks is way too much, isn't it?

Taken using an iPhone 4S Camera, uploaded via Instagram (Black)

Taken using Blackberry Curve 9300 Camera, uploaded via Facebook (White)

<3 <3 <3 So lurve our phones and we are "Finally, with the best network."

Are you an iPhone 4S user? How do you protect them?

I am currently using Speck Candy Shell (White + Black) and Moshi iVisor - I am using the White one! :)

 Make sure to check if the case you are getting has the "for: iPhone / iPhone 4S" tag because not all with "for iPhone 4" will be useful for iPhone 4S. We were supposed to get an Air Jacket (Clear) but the guy from Power Mac (SM Mall of Asia) showed us the case and did not personally recommend for it was only made for iPhone 4. 

  Please be advised that Power Mac Center can help you apply the screen protector and case! If you are extremely careful, concern with the details, in short, meticulous like me, approach them or ask the cashier once you've settled your purchases. Surprisingly, I am impressed on how they ensure the safety of our units, given that they don't charge extra as well... 

Now, I'm still torn between that Paul Frank and Moshi clear case! Can't decide... 

Thanks for the visit,

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  1. using capdase shell for my iP4 :D i wanna buy a new one.. saw speck too & this katy perry case :)

  2. I want a Paul Frank but I don't think will get it soon... Almost P2k for a case :/


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