Day 25 of 366: Belated gift!

10:41:00 PM

Here's another belated Happy Birthday gift (Blue Box Stacks 'O Fun) for Catie from hubby's Boss! 
Photo grabbed from ^

The boss wasn't able to attend the party that's why I find it so thoughtful! Thank you so much. :)

Toys "R" Us is one of the shops we regularly visit whenever we're out. When the store was brought by Robinsons here in the country last 2006, it was my hope already to also have a separate Babies "R" Us for I was officially a Mom then. Although I remember reading an article last year that even in the US, the company have combined the two into a superstore - toys, baby essentials and food, even nappies! Imagine if that will happen here, we will only visit one store to get what we need for my kids: 5 years (boy) and 1 year (girl)!

Look at a snapshot of the 62,000 square foot superstore in Minnetonka, MN (downloaded via Foursquare) -
Based from my reading, the store is divided: toys on the left and baby stuff on the right. Wow! I really want to fly to the US...

Mark your calendars for Toys "R" Us Clearance Blowout (Robinsons) for the month of February 2012:
Galleria > 1-3, 15-16 and 27-29
Midtown Atrium > 20-24 
Metro East > 3-9

We might bring the kids at the newly open store in Global City this weekend! :)   

Thanks for the visit,

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