Day 24 of 366: Happy Birthday, Lindon!

9:34:00 PM

My eldest son was invited to another classroom party last week thus I needed to get something for the birthday celebrant. I work along Taft and not too familiar with the stores in Robinson's Place until now. I thought of it a little past 7:00 in the evening and have nowhere else to go. Thank God there's Booksale! :)

My son reminded me more than thrice for the gift. He even said, the theme is Angry Birds and that at least gave me the idea what to buy... 

Thanks again, Booksale! They still accommodated my purchase around 8:05PM.

If I remember it right, I brought P150.00 to suffice my budget for the week and got a gift, wrapper, tag and a sealed "Party in a Box!". You do the Math, later on. ;)

All of us have a piggy bank... There's a birdie bank nowadays - 

I always enjoy gifts shopping... Even the challenge of getting unique finds with your alloted budget. Go visit Booksale to experience the fun! :)

 "Everything You Need for an Instant Celebration"

It's a handy travel-size kit perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, office parties, et al. Includes (3) balloons, a noisemaker, a bag of confetti and streamers and a 40-page book of party ideas and games.
Visit Running Press for more!

6.95 in U.S.A, 8.95 in Canada and 3.99 in U.K. and I got it for < than P50.00 

Happy Birthday, Lindon! Thanks again for the invite :)
This photo was taken last August, 2011, same day when he come up to me and said "I am Marcus' best friend!"

Thanks for the visit,

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