Day 20 of 366: How do you eat Ice Cream?

6:20:00 PM

We buy ice cream at least twice a month - from the grocery, convenience store and have not tried to make our own. Anything with chocolate is fine with me but I also go for Mudpie and coffee flavors.

My son and I wanted it with cones and oftentimes challenged to enjoy it without dripping while hubby put it in a bowl and eat the cones as biscuit. I've been looking for waffle cups like forever -
Where can I buy waffle cups here in the Philippines? :)

Here in the office, "Treat" means Ice Cream! Like 2 weeks ago, my office mate, Lucky bought 3 tubs and these -

These cones are surprisingly delicious! Forgot the brand but very famous in SM Supermarket, Landmark, Rustan's, etc.

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