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10:45:00 PM

Don't you just envy others who get to enjoy breakfast everyday? For me, a fulfilling breakfast meal happens occassionally as I am not a morning person. I would normally cook/buy our favorites like omelette, bacon, sausage during Lunch and late at night mostly - you bet, that's the usual craving.

I know it has been emphasized by a lot of people that breakfast is the most important part of our day. Oh well, don't worry about me; I am so sure everything will be aligned real soon. LOL

You know what's the good news? There's a restaurant in Makati, called "Agahan" which I learned today thru the Open Rice mini-eyeball event who serve sumptuous breakfast menus from 07:00 up to 22:00 and may eventually operate 24 hours as per the owner. Check out the photos below -

We arrived at exactly 18:00 and everyone greeted us Good Morning! :)

The place is cute, spacious, very clean and well-maintained  ^

Card games for everybody! You may also think that the colorful stripe box is just a stand for the cards but it's a customized mini-card game as well made by the owner herself. Take a look -

That's Ms. Adee, the owner
1. Friendly to her guests
2. Accomodating
3. Very informative

We played the game while waiting for the food and we had so much fun! :)

After less than 10 minutes to be exact, our breakfast was served...

Agahan Platter - you can choose any (3) from the following for only P250:
Chicken Nuggets, Hungarian Sausage, Tapa, Tocino, Luncheon Meat (Spam) and Bacon

The Tapa may looked dry as pictured but it's good and tender... ;)

Joanne's Special 2-egg Omelette P80

I lurve the Ham & Cheese 2-egg Omelette
We combined it with Garlic Rice and perfect as well with regular / multigrain bread

Brewed Coffee (unlimited) P50

Hot Chocolate (Tablea) P60

fluffy Pancakes (4pcs.) P75
Spidey! My son will love this... ;)

Choco/Banana Brownie P30

You made me smile, Agahan (burp)! Everything is tasty and delicious. Till we meet again...
Happy Leap Year, Open Ricers! :)

G/F, Buma Building
1012 Metropolitan Avenue, San Antonio Village, Makati City

All the best,

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  1. Hi! Nice to meet you there at agahan. =) Ang sarap ng pics mo wanna go back there tuloy hehe

    Stacy of TsinoyFoodies

  2. Yummmy! :D I love etaing bfast & i should visit this :D

  3. ^ Try mo sis ;) Sarap and sulit!

    Hi Stacy! Same here. It was nice meeting all of you :) Super nag-enjoy din ako sa food nila...


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