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I have been a user/member of GIRLTalk since 2004. I asked myself why did I join them!? I guess I personally admire the website for they have everything: (from) fashion, party planning, childbirths, worktales, travel, shopping and fooood! I logged in to forums because I want to share what I know ("I" have experienced it) most especially to the new ones... How about you?

I just want to share with all of you a message from one of their moderators: (received/read last January 29th, 2012)

Hi . . .,

You have received a 3rd warning for soliciting and/or advertising. Any further offense may merit a permanent ban to you account. Circumventing the rules via the creation of any new account will likewise be sanctioned and may relegate your primary account a permanent ban. 

Sanctioned Post was the thread you created on:

« on: January 19, 2012, 06:46:30 pm »

The GIRLTalk Team.

I got a warning for sharing what happyplus is? W O W! and look at my handle:

Muted [ˈmjuːtɪd]
a. Muffled; indistinct: a muted voice.
b. Mute or subdued; softened: muted colors.
2. Music Produced by or provided with a mute

W A R N I N G S received:

Thread: "What's your laptop bag?" - I shared mine from this post because not everyone knows Hellolulu :P
Thread: "Groupons: Everything About Groupons (Thread 4)" - I posted "subscribing . . ." my bad LOL but I want to know if other posters ("joining", "pasali", "pa-join", etc) are being sanctioned too (?)
Thread: "Latest FOOD discovery - Part 14" - my favorite topic of all time :) What did I share here? Oh, KFC Zinger Double Down

Am I bound to be disappointed? Of course! I honestly cherished the site, suggested to a lot of people but what can I do, right? That's their subjective belief... If you don't need someone bringing you news and informative postsssss, I feel sorry for you! So long... And one more, I am not that popular (not yet) to advertise stuff (maybe real soon). LOL

GoodBYE, GIRLTalk! I am living with a strong sense of gratitude: I learned a lot of things and facts from selected people/members of your site, able to develop and discover the skills that I need to succeed and gained too many good friends and fans!    

Thanks for the visit,
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  1. oh thats why i rarely see you na :(

  2. aww ganun sis! sabagay ako bhira na dun heheh

  3. oh thats why you're MIA! i got a reprimand too before. ayaw nila that you post your personal blog. kasi for them you're trying to get traffic through the forum. well, if yan yung rule then we must abide. BUT what puzzles me is how come alot do that but never sanctioned.

  4. It's ok Pink, we can always talk here ;)

    Mi, like what you said, may Fb naman tayo... Hehe

    That's my point, Als! I even got the idea of sharing from other posters... Well, forget it! Ayoko na maging bitter. :P

    1. eens, oo nga.. hehe pero nakaka-miss din makikulit dun. Actually nawawala yung status na yan after a month or two ata. basta nababawasan until maging moderated ka. then eventually back to normal. Naging prob ko rin yan before. ewan ko ba, minsan kasi parang mahigpit na wala sa lugar :-\

  5. btw sis i noticed 'moderated' nalang hindi na muted...

  6. Checked it as well. Will give it a month or two. Kapag wala na tampo ko :P

    1. haha.. go na, wag ka na daw tampo :P chumika na tayo ulit.


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