366 Project 2012: Day 17 (Butterscotch)

7:06:00 PM

My dessert for this evening... We rarely eat butterscotch for we don't have relatives in Bacolod. Thanks to an office mate's friend who brought this earlier. Good times!

I have never been to IloIlo nor Bacolod! :( This is not my first time to taste the Merci version, though. However, my craving for the Original Biscocho Haus' butterscotch heightened after having a couple of pieces. It's been years but I remember that the bars were so rich with gooey-nutty center and buttery crust. Now that I've found OBH's Official Fb account, it is my hope to place an order online real soon from their place to my doors!

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  1. love this too.. esp. the butterscotch w/ mango chips :)


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