Nike Warehouse Sale 2011

11:46:00 AM

When i read from a reliable blogger that Agility Center will have their warehouse sale, hubby and I decided to go given that the location is (not that) accessible but at least close to where we stay.

We chose Day 1, of course! 
The husband reached the long queue around 14:37 yesterday and able to come in at exactly 15:04. The guards were nice enough to advise him that I don't need to line up when I get to the place :) As per foursquare, I checked in 17:16 and yes, they didn't require me to line up anymore...

We are #348 ~ 12.15.2011

SHOOOOOES!!! Too bad, I got nothing for my tots :(

Apparel - from shirts to jersey to raincoats :)

It may look like a huge trash room but this where they get sealed/packed goodies of your preferred size

Our total bill ^ ... instead of (Philippine Peso) 15, 760.00Got (2) pairs of shoes, 5 shirts and a racer top!

Let's do the math, my total savings is P8, 375 ;)


 Perfect this Christmas - they don't remove tags...

 Packages are ripped but still comes with it's original boxes...

I enjoyed the experience! 
Huge savings, best buys and friendly sales people except for the lady guard who welcomes guest and does frisking...  

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