Merry Christmas 2011

6:59:00 AM

We spent our Christmas with the family in Q.C. for they will be migrating to the States early next year... Hubby and I were only able to complete the gifts for everyone on the day prior to the eve. I was so thankful given that the malls were up until 12mn then...

What greeted me at my desk (gift from the Owner/COO) - December 16th

Classic Confections <3

Final gift giving last December 19th with the MP's

Prior to the week, we had our Kris Kringle for (4) Mondays ~
Something RED or GREEN - got a red mickey head
... USEFUL in the bathroom - (small towel)
... FLUFFY - (a lot of packed cottons) LOL
...  KIDDIE - Minnie Mouse plush toy

Here's my P500 worth wish... Thank you so much to my Daddy. I heard he went all the way to NAIA 3 to get the stuff! :)

I love balms... :)

Merry Christmas, Momy Eens!!!

Our 2011 gift wrappers + 2010 (excess) gift tags

Pritchon - short for Pritong Lechon (Fried Lechon wrapped in pita wedges)

Spiral Ham from Los Angeles, CA

My son at 2 years + with his pretty cousins ^

We had the exchanges at around 10:00 LOL

My daughter's Emily - Old & New

Happy Holidays! May the spirit and essence of the season remains always with all of you...

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