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December 15th of 2010

Dady and I thank God for the day you were born. We were blessed with all the joy, glory and happiness in the world. Your best years are still ahead of you! Having you, as our daughter (with Kuya) is the best thing. Happy Birthday, Catie! We ♥ you so so much...

- - - 

We had a simple celebration at home (12.15.2011) - 

Bought this in Rustan's the night before her party; I've initially asked for size 4 but didn't notice I took home a bigger size *sigh*

- - -
Party Day (12.17.2011)
KFC Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati City

It should be Caitlin... not Y ;)

From this blog last November, I certainly specified how I admired the Dora the Explorer theme in KFC and was more thrilled when I finally saw the setup (see photos below):

The party area is spacious and tidy!

Party Hats:
Dora for the girls
Boots for the boys

This is how KFC counted the guests; The lists were separated for we have (2) different meals for the kids and young at heart!

The Birthday brother greeted everyone :)

She was in the mood that day... Good job, bebe!

Cute, elegant and absolutely delicious Vanilla and Chocolate flavored Cupcakes: hard to decide whether to eat or just look at them...

I am proud and grateful to say that we are associated with the people behind OLK; this post is not to purposely increase their sale but to share the true value for your money and a unique cake/cupcake experience (artfully handmade)... Our simple family party is a usual hit because of their extraordinary and tasty homebaked sweets and treats. See for yourself -

What a great celebration having all these?! 
Thank you again, Ninong Ronald & Ninang Ellen from the bottom of our hearts. More power to Our Little Kitchen!

Merry Christmas!!!

Thank you very much! Your presence made the party worthwile...

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  1. Hi :) Did KFC allow you to eat the cake and cupcakes inside their resto?

  2. Yes! Asked that prior to the party ;) Are you having a KFC party too? :) Thank you for the visit.

  3. hi where did u bought that cake? ang=d how much? :)the dora with cupcakes


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