What happened to Domino's?

11:33:00 AM

It was the night of hubby's birthday and went to Domino's Pizza (Marvin Plaza) Makati for we were just in the area. We ordered the following: 

Extravaganza + Pepperoni Pizza (biggest size & hand-tossed), Cheese Sticks, Lava Cake and Apple Crumble Pizza

Your name will still be printed on the receipt sticker :)

Surprisingly, their pizza is not tasty as before... The size even became smaller (about 2 inches)
Is this a sign that will settle for Angel's (formerly Domino's Pizza) Extra Feast (formerly Extravaganza) ? ? ?

We enjoyed their Buffalo Wings (6 pieces / order), Cheese Sticks...

and Apple Crumble Pizza - not to sweet and perfect on thin-crust dough :)

Are you looking for a photo of the Lava Cake? I did not bother to... 
Lava Cake = (feels like) eating a Muffin filled with Cocoa syrup :) 

But I have no comments on their superb service. Thank you Marvin Plaza crew...

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