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12:25:00 PM

Last month, it was our first time to dine out as a family in Papa John's Megamall (Building A) branch. The space was a little small compared to University Mall / Greenhills branches. We've waited for at least 5 minutes to get the couch post :)

When we saw the Menu, it was surprisingly reasonable... We got the usual -

 Cheese Sticks with dips

 Super Papa's ^
If you don't want black olives like us, you can have it replaced; we chose to add more mushrooms instead...

Seafood Carbonara - i find the serving too small for us so we ended up buying (2) bowls

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  1. Too bad that Papa John's isn't available in Negros and neither on its nearby province. I have looked their menu and I bet there are so much in store to give a try. This makes me so sad sad sad. lol but really, I badly wanted to give a try their pizza!!!


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