Halloween 2011

2:26:00 PM

Halloween is surely one of the most extraordinary gatherings for those who have kids... We didn't get to join mall events nor special invites / registration this year due to time and work schedule constraints. Good thing I got an invite from the office; Decided to bring my son with me for the whole shift. I don't know, just so happy for I have never experienced bringing a toddler on my work post while working on a BPO/Call Center.

To cut the story short, the kids had fun so as the Moms and Dads... My son this year is Batman - the Dark Knight and for my daughter's 1st Halloween, she is Linny of Wonder Pets. I am a seller of baby - toddler stuff for almost 3 years now. That's one thing I love the most 'cause I also get to choose what brand/products i want for my kids from our own shipments. Like for costumes, we don't even need to settle for huge items being sold in the mall - so common, thin fabric, same old vampire, ghost, fairy, pumpkin & the likes -

My Andre with his friend - "Batboy" :)

Calling all Superheroes! Oh yes, they take the elevators :P

Woot! Look at all the loot ^ Thank you, MP's!!!


...and there's our Linny :)

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