Goodbye Stage 2! :)

11:13:00 PM

My daughter was only breastfed for (2) months. She was a December baby and then I accepted a job offer (February) this year - that's when the time I decided to finally quit for it was so hard during the first couple of weeks; got scared that she might not accept the taste of formula milk like what happened to a friend of mine who also have separation anxiety and all that. 

We are down to the last can of Follow-on milk. Pediatricians said that most Stage 2s are tailored to provide the nourishment (especially Iron) our baby needs as part of their diet from 6 months and up.

Goodbye Stage 2, Hello Stage 3! What do you think is the best Growing-up milk? 
With my first child, we've tried Mead Johnson, Abbott and Wyeth - but the the latter gave him the weight ideal for his age. I am still torn between giving Gain & Progress Gold, to date! We had our check-up last week and inquired about Pediasure but I was advised that it was really made for kids 1 year and up. My daughter is tall and looks so thin/skinny :( I honestly envy mothers who are giving regular milk powders such as Nido, Bear Brand, et al but the baby is closed to being overweight... But on the brighter side, my daughter was never prone to being sick so I guess there's always a reason to be thankful!

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