(2D) The Twilight Saga - 11.19.11

10:42:00 PM

Thank you sureseats.com! 
Sitting in the middle of the big screen is just perfect (L17 & 18 of Cinema 3):

I was asked to have my reserved tickets picked up at around 2:45PM; we were at the place early enough and realized that we haven't taken our Lunch... Let's spell HUNGER - 


- - - - -
I believe we have a year to kill to see Part 2... *sigh*

What's your favorite part of the movie? Mine are the following:

Wedding (in the woods?) :) - looks freezing cold and very intimate
Jacob as one of Edward's surprise gifts - I guess that's how it is if you have a guy best friend and their dance
Saying goodbye with the folks - I cried on that part; I never had the chance to hug my real father :'(
Honeymoon - love scenes (kudos to Mr & Mrs Edward Cullen for you were able to act naturally), the place as Carlisle's gift
Giving birth - the moment of love

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