Zenyu Eco Spa

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This spa is so near to where my office is located. One Fridate (July), hubby and I decided to get a spa night and visited Zenyu for we became so curious about the hot bed therapy and what can negative ions do to our health.

Zenyu Eco Spa is located at the 3/F of Hotel H20

We got up there and listened to a short discussion about negative ions. They said that it can help improve our blood circulation, blood pressure, immune system and even metabolism. They even showed us this cappilariscope where they uses a small fiber and saw that our blood flow moved faster. The staffs are all accommodating and nice. We were even offered a vault where we kept our wallets, jewelries and watches.

 After less than 10 minutes, the people directed us to the men/women's room... It was a bit creepy though! LOL
Went ahead and looked for # 58, look at my locker key (shown below)

Once the key is inserted, you will see a red light when it's ready to be opened :) Cool!

My Yukata - don't bother bringing your disposable undies, they proactively offer it to everyone.
If you noticed, it is fastened :)
They offer Fish Spa too - pay P300 for 30 minutes

Hi Dr Fishies! Have only tried but I don't like the idea... at the back of my mind, there may be risk of infection (?)

 Hot beds - inside the Women's Room; I won't lie down there alone :P

I've requested will join hubby instead...

Instead of the typical sauna, I am so sure Zenyu will be popular because of their hot beds :)
Truly, it was easier to breath but feels a lot hotter; Pay P400 and you can stay inside for at least 30 minutes - we lasted only about 18 minutes and went straight to the couples room...
 Couples Room? - They don't have one really, they added 1 massage bed in the room to fulfill my request... Thanks! :)
I was in heaven during the session! No joke... Didn't even bother to suggest to make it lighter, harder, focus on that part, et al because they simply know if they would or not. The only comment I have is about the massage bed sounds - it was louder than their customized spa music tsk tsk 
Not sturdy? too old? Never had the chance to sleep for I was worried the whole time - thought i/we (the masseuse) can fall anytime!

Overall, it was a good and new experience for us and will definitely go back if time permits :) 

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