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I don't think this is just another food fad?! We have tried a lot of frozen yogurts in the metro but Red Mango still tops our list. We've visited several branches a number of times but it just keeps getting better. Best of all, this tangy dessert lacks fat and shuns sugar - a perfect choice for people whose trying to embrace a sugar free lifestyle.

Large Original + 4 Toppings: Red Beans (Sweetened), Cheesecake by Karen's Kitchen, Mochi and Sliced Almonds = P200.00

Speaking of Karen, has anyone tried her Mixed Cheesecake? Tempting...

Other frozen yogurt places...

Tutti Frutti started at P19/oz (year 2009)

If you are in the area of Glorietta, Makati, stop by and get some good self-serve frozen yogurt. They have (8) flavors and lots of toppings to please our taste buds...

What is your favorite yogurt flavor? Mine is mixed Taro + Original :)

Extra Small - Large

Mochi bits (rice cake) - highly addictive

Big selection of toppings, although not always fresh and well stocked...

Not the sweetened red beans I've expected :(

Experience taught me a lot; I can certainly say Yoh-gurt Froz gave me the chance to appreciate yogurts. I've tried it when they popped up inside Hobbes and Landes in Promenade. Something sweet/creamy/melts in the mouth/frozen and/or cold for me is essential after a meal then I guess everything happened through my big weakness.

There are about a dozen of frozen yogurt brands in the Philippines now but Yoh-Gurt Froz is famous for being the pioneer; I love their brownie bits and cheesecake squares...

How about a place that glitters in Pink? Oh Lulubelle! Yes, I've tried it last April 2010 in Serendra. I've closely followed the cravings at that time, but in the end I'm not happy. February 2011 came, how did I decide to try it again? Well, I found this cool offer online ~ Lulubelle-What's MOO with you? 2 large natural yogurts with 1 topping value of P270 for P135
It's true, everything is so much better the second time! Woot...

March 15th, 2011 - Power Plant Mall
Thanks and more power Pakyaw!

We have tried White Hat last year but I hardly remember the taste - value for money or not? Might consider it again ok?... Want to try Qoola, Yogurt Nation, California Berry and more real soon!

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