Tower Burger from KFC

7:09:00 PM

I love burgers but we do not realize how difficult it is to eat one and can make quite a mess afterwards...
Believe it or not, it was the very first time we had a discussion on "HOW" can we (son is 4 y.o.) eat a very large burger <?>
Me: Remove and eat the hashbrown after the burger
Hubby: We can eat it, as is... (easy to say 'cause he can do it obviously)
Son: I will push down to flatten the whole thing HAHA

Tower Burger = Chicken + Cheese + Hash Brown + Lettuce + Mayo + Bun

I walked out to let hubby decide... The burger was reheated for 1 minute, cut into half and sliced into bite-size pieces;

The burger is good but NOT this/that good... Have you eaten Zinger lately? Same taste except that TB is not spicy and has a bland, over cooked (possibly weeks old?) hashbrown. :( 

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  1. i'd prefer a burger w/ grilled patty &veggies :P

  2. same here sis! will get a jbee champ over this :)

  3. Hi K! Thanks for sharing. :) worried that it would be too oily?


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