Toccare Spa

6:58:00 PM

We spa to get into a vacation mindset for an hour or two, do you?
Also to...
Don't you just love to be rubbed, scrubbed and pampered?
Just love the feeling of a head-to-toe treatment...
and will forever scout for new places :)

Went to Toccare Spa last Sunday, August 14th... They are located in Antel Spa Hotel Suites along Makati Avenue

Advertisement (on our way up)

This will greet you from the lift

Princess from the Reception is nice! :) 
Before the massage, she will assist you on your preferred oils and room scent... 

I got Lavender and Simulating...

Hubby got Green Tea!

And there you have to sign the consent/waiver form...

If Zenyu gives disposable undies for free, Toccare gives disposable toothbrush for free... LOL

Will you soak naked in a hot tub? Tried it once... Seriously! Got a chance in The Spa (Alabang) years ago, but now after (2) CS childbirths, nah - Thanks but no thanks...

The temperature was good enough except for the Women's area... Their split air conditioner is up and running in fan mode and noticed that the windows are all open while changing; Be sure to close the shower curtain and drapes completely :)

Sauna ^

Steam room ^
It it advisable to have either sauna and steam or both for not more than 15-20 minutes... You can even catch up the latest news! There's a LCD TV installed in the corner.

Lounge Area -
There are about (4) chairs if I remember it right... This is where my son stayed to tune in to Disney channel :)

Look how comfy he is, playing and watching at the same time! :) This is one of the unplanned spa nights we had and hubby and I were able to reserve a couples room - got the Amethyst Room (Toccare's Couples/Group of 3 Room)

Toccare Spa has (3) Executive Rooms:
Black Onyx - overcomes past relationships and banishes grief
Citrine - prevents mood swings
Jade - balancing stone of health, wealth and love

Common Rooms are Blue Topaz - treats depression and Garnet - stone of passion

Couples Room are Rose Quartz - eases heartaches and strengthens love and the Amethyst that provides inner peace... Thanks to Princess for a small lecture over the phone! :)

 Unplanned spa is not impossible these days! Get a Couples Room and you can have your little ones (at least 5 years old) stay with you during the session!

 Sorry! It's really dark inside...


Hubby, son and I enjoyed our visit so much! Thank you Toccare and more power...

Thanks for the visit,

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