Happy 5th Birthday, Kuya!

7:17:00 PM

5 years ago yesterday...

No matter how many birthdays come and go, you'll always be my little hero. :) Momy loves you so so much!!!

It's true! Moms will do everything to make her kids very happy :) Ben 10 and Lightning Mcqueen are now part of the Superhero Squad (Marvel) LOL

Thanks to Adobe Photoshop! I used to teach crash computer courses. I handled giving lectures to yuppies as well as oldies on how to use Photoshop... When I saw AP CS3 Extended, I was like... Whow! Everything is so new but thru the help of our office programmer - tips and basic shortcuts, I managed to embed everything my son wants for his invites! :) 

- - - - -
Happy 5th Birthday, Marcus!

Everybody in the house/family calls him Kuya, Andre but he is Marcus in the school... :) We have initially set the mini party last Aug 26th but due to some prior activities set by the teachers, we have no choice and moved everything on Sep 2nd, still a Friday. We were only allowed to distribute the food, loot bags and picture taking for less than an hour. My little boy was so surprised, very happy and so I am for that's the main objective we have instill in the first place. :)

We prepared 18 goodie bags in total; Not to mention, there are a couple of last minute... should I say jinx (?) : KFC don't deliver drinks which I only learned that day and Ms Polly's only accepts pick-up now from their place in Merville. Thanks to hubby's patience!

  Thank you for the gifts and for opening them... :D

Oh, and one more thing, no one in the shop can write on this during that day so I have to look around for letters and found D R E in the toy box :)
Ms Polly's Chocolate Cake still tops my list! Has anyone tried their cupcakes?

  Happy 8 Months, Catie! :-*

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