My Birthday Week 2011

5:05:00 PM

It's perfectly explainable to be a little selfish... Pamper yourself every Birth Day!
 ...from my office mailbox. Oh yes, everyone will know! Yikes :P

 My Birthday Choco Mousse - Thanks Dady!
He knows a slice will make me smile, he gave me a whole <3

^ All from CCME (
I would like to personally commend the people (on-duty) last April 11th;
I was simply impressed on how they presented the food during delivery - they may have used improvised containers (shaped paper boards wrapped in foil), cling wrap + foil for covering but everything was sealed perfectly, clean and well-categorized. No leaks and all with an expensive magic tape used.

My budget for the office mates was sufficient enough; It's my birthday and (2) other celebrants = Total Bill divided by 3...
It was my first time to try their Puto & Palabok with a little twist; See that clear oval-shaped plastic ware in the middle? It's the sauce. CCME serves it separately. Our simple celebration was a blast; The food were tasty even the super cheap puto at P3.00 each! 

Hubby and I are both working so we had a simple dinner that weekend with the kids. Went to Marciano's (2/F Greenbelt 3) that evening; The usual (ideally perfect for a couple w/ a 4yo boy who enjoys pizza & pasta):

 Central Park Carbonara - yummy, creamy and rich thus 1 order may be shared

"FROM THE BRICK OVEN" - Broadway Meatlovers: Salami, Pepperoni, Italian sausage, Ham and Pancetta
Good pizza size and taste with poor topping proportions...

Bronx Deviled Chicken (Choices are: Half & Whole) - it's just breaded, deep-fried chicken but the dipping sauce will let you say what an EXTRA-ordinary pieces!

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