Food Cravings (during my 2nd Pregnancy)

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Everything striked in my early weeks - from sweet, salty and even fatty delicacies. Why all the cravings? LOL
 According to studies, common assumptions about it is that the body is short in certain nutrients... Good thing, most of my cravings at that time weren't bad at all :

 My husband and his office mates invaded Binondo last May of this year. They dine together as a group in Wai Ying and the timing was perfect for my Ham Sui Gok... 

Ham Sui Gok are deep fried dumplings - made of sweet and sticky rice-flour with pork with salty (slightly) chopped vegetables filling.

Soy Chicken from Mongkok - it was cooked (just right) at that time LOL
It was a perfect treat for my senses :) Now, I'm still teaching myself to make that sauce...

 Beef Pares - To Go!

I learned about Jonas and eating Beef Pares (Beef Stew served with Fried Rice and Soup) in the early 2000. The husband was still a boyfriend then... ;) My first Pares experience was in the Original Pares along Retiro (NS Amoranto Ave. now) in Quezon City. It tasted so good... Testing my memory, I have tried the following but the beef chunks in Original still tops my list:

Cocoy (Visayas Avenue)
Partners (Kamuning)
Best Friends (Caloocan)
Otso Pares (Commonwealth)

I am getting so hungry :P

This is one of my comfort (food) favorites - I personally love Red Ribbon's crab/shrimp thick sauce, topped with cooked shrimps, chicharon (pork cracklings), cut hard-boiled eggs and tinapa (smoked fish).

Samurai Takoyaki Balls - do I need to explain further? :) I think I have grown to love this... Too bad, their stalls in SM are wiped out. I haven't had this for so long. If you haven't tried one, the balls are crunchy and soft/sticky on the inside. Samurai brushed it with sauce, bonito flakes and they don't put mayonnaise.

Thanks for reading... See? It's not all cake, ice cream and the like. ;)                                                  

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